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We are launching a e-mail magazine service (Beta version)

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UPDATE January 11
・Fees have been changed. We’ve refundend the difference to members who have already registered. (It will take around 8 to 10 days for the refund to process)
・Weekly membership has been abolished.

Thank you for reading AMALGAME, my name is masa, the administrator of this site.
To continue delivering high quality content, we are proud to announce a brand new subscription plan which will include reports of top placing teams from events and tournaments around the globe.

In the recent years the foundation of competitive play has grown to a global level, on the other hand it is also fact that traveling to events world wide can become a big liability to the players.

After personally visiting the European International Championships in London and watch some of the top players there end their season right there due to the new circuit system, we wanted to take matters into our own hands to help players who can’t travel overseas get a worlds invite.

Beta version

We still need some time to finalize the subscription program, however we already have team reports ready to be read, so this will be included in the Beta Version. The beta Version will be sent manually by e-mail. If you subscribe in an annual plan, we will make sure that the period until the official service begins will not be counted towards the annual fee.
Subscribers will have access to the latest team reports with top accomplishments around the world in both English and Japanese (and possibly more depending on demand).


To bring you the latest team reports, you will be able to receive content via e-mail. Content will be updated at a 2~3 reports per week pace. With the launch of the official service, we plan to have the content viewable in the conventional website design as well.


We will deliver team reports that have achieved high standings in Japanese grassroots tournaments, overseas regionals, International championships, battle spot and more to constantly provide new inspiration to the reader.

Back Number

Author Team
2nd Kanto Regional
Top16 Team Sheets
sample image
Markus Stadter
Arash Ommati
Markus Stadter
Gavin Michaels

Content will be updated 2~3 reports per week. All back numbers are viewable at any time during the period of subscription.


Subscription type Price per month Full price
Annual subscription $3.41 $40.9
Monthly subscription $4.1 $4.1

(All prices are shown in US$)

Profits made through this service will go towards payment to the players who write the team reports, translators and editors, as well as funding tournaments and beginning new services for the community. We hope to increase the number of free content with enough support as well.


Please click on the button with the plan of choice and click [Pay] after entering your credit card information and your preferred e-mail address to have the content delivered to.

MM/YY is the expiration date of the credit card. CVC is the security code.

After confirmation, you will receive the content via the entered email address. As the service is currently run manually, please note that confirmation and delivery of the content might take some time.

*We only accept credit card payment at the moment
*We will deliver content in English
*credit card information will be handled through service provided by stripe, and will NOT be viewable by any individual of this site.

Annual subscription

(we will make sure the period until the official service begins will not be counted towards the annual fee)

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Monthly subscription