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From World Champion to the Mean Streets – a day 2 London Internationals report[VGC2017]

Arash Ommati
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The circumstances of this tournament weren’t the best for Europeans, it was the most important tournament of the year for us CP wise and it took place only 2 weeks after the release of Sun and Moon (and during this period I was away from home for 1 weeek, as if that wasnt enough lol).
Despite the situation, I tried to do my best with the resources I had.


Round9. vs げべぼ(gebebo)

DAY2. vs Alejandro Gomez

Teambuilding Process

When I first analyzed the new viable resources, something that caught my attention was Alolan-Ninetales, I personally enjoy a lot playing hail teams and Ninetales looked like a really good pokemon to me, because of it’s large movepool, Aurora Veil and the ability to beat dragon and grass types.

Another pokemon I found interesting was Pheromosa. Many players I talked to were overlooking it because of it’s bad defenses, but I like playing very offensive teams and Pheromosa has the ability to outspeed and kill a lot of different pokemon in the format.

I decide to start my teambuilding with this duo because I liked how Pheromosa fighting coverage completed Ninetales ice one, and how ninetales Aurora Veil could help Pheromosa to survive attacks.

The very first version of the team looked like this

This version was good, my winrate was pretty satisfying but once the metagame started to develop I also started to notice it’s cons. Arcanine and Wishiwashi were doing less damage than I wanted, Porygon 2 was getting the SAtk boost pretty rarely, Metagross was not needed very often). Therefore I started trying out many different options and pokemonin order to fix what I thought was not working (I normally take long periods to get used to feel comfortable with new teams, which is why I decided to not change the team core for this time, even if I happened to think what I was using was not optimal).

In the end the finished team was:

Team Details

Ninetales-Alola @ Focus Sash
Ability: Snow Warning
EVs: 4 HP / 252SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
– Blizzard
– Freeze Dry
– Aurora Veil
– Protect

Core of the team. Like I said before, it has good endurance, thanks to the focus sash as well as being one of the fastest pokemon in the format. It uses Aurora Veil at the right time to support the rest of the team.
Freeze Dry was…

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